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                                                            GUY ANDERSON

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For HD6A


I am running for State Representative in House District 6A to be a voice of the people on the Iron Range and Northern Minnesota.  Too many politicians talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Not one democrat has voted to reduce your tax burden. We the people are over taxed in Minnesota. The Democratic Party no longer represents our values. 

Our freedoms are not negotiable.  We have rights given to us by God and they will not be taken away.  Yet our constitution is questioned on a daily basis, along with our unalienable rights as Americans. Extreme gun control proposals coming from the Democratic Party infringe on our rights as American citizens

I was born, raised and have lived my entire life on “The Range.” I understand and have lived the issues we have here. The permitting process in Minnesota is unconscionable and places our future economic opportunity and security at risk.  We need government to serve people rather than dictate to people. We cannot continue to vote for democrats and expect different results. Please support my effort in bringing integrity and common sense to the Capitol. Your financial support is crucial to our success!

To be your voice I need to hear from you and where you stand on issues important to you.  Please call me at 218-251-3334 or email me at Check out my website at: for more information on issues pertaining to our state.

With much appreciation, 

Guy Anderson, 

Candidate for HD6A

Donations of $100 per couple ($50.00/individual) can be refunded by the State of Minnesota under the Political Contribution Refund program(PCR). Do not pass up this chance to help my conservative cause with zero cost to you. Once your contribution is received we will mail you your receipt and PCR form for your refund.

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